As Vision Needs Increase, Optometrist Market Bolsters

Optometry clinics are on the rise as the Millennial generation begins to take over for the Baby Boomer generation in size and scale. This is all according to research conducted by a market research group.

The amount of annual revenue in the field of optometry is projected to grow exponentially, and from recent on-going trends, the Millennials look to be playing a large role in that growth.

Millennials apparently tend to see the health of their eyes from a more intense perspective (those puns are intended). Optometrists currently in the field and those coming out of medical school should view the opportunity with the same seriousness. Now looks to be the time to begin or grow the business.

At HM General Contractors, we understand how to create functional, professional, and classy vision centers because we’ve been doing it for well over a decade. We also understand the visual requirements of the younger generation, and how important a sophisticated, yet engaging atmosphere is to Millennials.

Design Your Vision Center with Trends in View

The look and feel of your optometry center should be an extension of yourself and your personality. Classy or fun. Elegant or laidback. Whatever your choice or your wish may be, our design and build team can bring all of it to life. Our vision is to make every client feel right at home working with our Houston team. This is why we have our design process:

  • Tour: Come visit our Design Center and see precisely what all we can do for you and your new eyecare clinic.
  • Meet: After touring our state-of-the-art West Houston facility, you’ll meet the owners and the builders.
  • Discuss: Sit down with our designers and discuss all that you hope to accomplish with your new business.
  • Review: Our designers will review all that is discussed to point how everything can be done.
  • Start: At HM, we aren’t big on waiting around. We want to get started on your project as soon as you are ready.

Break Ground on Your Optometry Center

If you see the trends and you’re ready to get started or simply wish to expand your business, then contact our Houston contracting company. Our design and build teams are here to support you in every way and get your business moving forward quickly and professionally.

Going Independent? Make Your Eye Clinic Stand Out

Most optometrists wish to begin and continue as an independent business. With so many independent ODs, each one should stand out for positive reasons. At HM General Contractors, our goal as designers and builders is to construct an eyecare clinic that impresses and is a place patients want to go.

Every optometrist is different and brings their own style and personality. Their vision clinic should do the same. Our designers specialize in discovering precisely what a client wants and what they need.

Create Your Best Looking Eye Care Clinic

There is plenty of competition in the Greater Houston area for optometrists. So creating an inviting clinic is paramount to your patients. The goal is always return customers. When you achieve a high rate of return customers, the new patients will follow suit. This due to word of mouth.

Our builders are focused on creating optometry clinics that help encourage return patients. From spacious areas to state-of-the-art equipment to perfectly arranged exam rooms, our Houston-based contractor team is here not just for Houstonians, but also for those in Austin and San Antonio.

Factors for Building Eye Clinics

There are numerous factors to consider when building an eye center. One of those factors is the area in which the clinic will be built. Standing out is a positive, but like we mentioned early, it needs to stand out for the right reasons.

Take for instance The Heights area of Houston or Downtown Austin. Building in those areas needs to provide a more hipster and modern look. But with Downtown San Antonio, perhaps a more historic feel would be appropriate. Our designers take every aspect into consideration, and are certain to make sure it matches with your personal wishes.

Choose HM General Contractors for Your Vision Center

HM General Contractors has been working in the design and build industry for nearly 20 years. Our work has continually been exceptional and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We always look forward to a long-lasting relationship with every client, and it is a relationship that is built on trust and professionalism. If you are considering breaking ground on your new project, then contact our office today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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Construction Projects For The Modern Dentist

The dental industry is constantly growing. With new technology, new best practices, and new ideas coming out every year, you need a space that can keep up with your growth. As experts in the dental construction field, we have experience creating multifunctional spaces that can change and grow as you do. Whether you are building a new practice from the ground up or expanding your existing dental practice, our team here at HM General Contractors is here to help. Our experts are here to help your Houston, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio dental practice grow. Trust HM General Contractors for your next dental construction project.

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Your Houston-Based Medical Construction Contractors

In an area where medical is such a booming industry, it only makes sense to choose a contractor who specializes in creating medical spaces. Our nearly two decades of experience puts us at the forefront of the construction industry in not only Houston, but Austin and San Antonio as well. If you are looking for the best in the industry, our Texas owned and operated company is happy to help.


No matter how small or large your next medical project is, our team here at HM General Contractors is here to help. From small, specialized medical practices all the way up to large hospitals, we have the experience to make your vision a reality. Our design and construction teams have worked on the big, the small, and everything in between. We tailor every project to the individual client, ensuring total customization. No two projects will be exactly the same, which is how we like it.


Having a design and construction team in one place allows us greater flexibility in designing your new practice. Our teams have worked together extensively on many medical projects in many areas of Texas, and are experts in creating a completely custom feel for your new space. Whether you’re looking for clean and minimal or fun and eclectic, we can make it happen. Our teamwork also allows continued design changes as building progresses, without the stress of having to communicate with multiple contractors. No matter what you have in mind, we have the skills to bring it to life.


If you want the best for your next Texas medical construction project, look no further than our team here at HM General Contractors. Our no-obligation consultation is a great way for us to get to know you, and learn more about your vision. We look forward to building with your team soon.

Need a Houston Construction Team for your next project? HM General Contractors can help.

Build Your Dream Space With Our Houston Construction Team

Finding the right contractor for your next project can be difficult. You want a team with lots of experience, who is up to date on your local codes and regulations, with an eye for design. You want a highly certified, top-rated, and all around enjoyable team to work with. Luckily, these all describe our team here at HM General Contractors. With projects spanning medical, dental, optometry, and veterinary construction, we have the experience you need. We have worked not just in Houston, but also is Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and beyond. Our team has the know-how to tackle your next project.


HM General Contractors specializes in construction and design. Our team of professional builders and designers can construct your practice, office, or building from the ground up, even from the blueprint stage.


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