How We Build Out Medical, Dental and Optical Practices

Houston is known for its Medical Center. But it’s also known for its numerous dental clinics, as well as The University of Texas Dentistry School at Houston. Interestingly enough, optometry centers are on the rise in Houston. Luckily for all three of these industries, HM General Contractors specialize in building out these three types of facilities.

Our team of designers and builders have been working in the medical-related construction industry for nearly 20 years. This experience means we’ve designed and built just about every aspect of the medical, dental and optical facility you can think of. Our owners Mike Newhouse and Ben Aylieff keep their fingers on the pulse of what is going on in the industries, which ensures that we always know what new practice owners should consider investing in.

We love designing and building out these facilities because of how important they are to their particular communities, but also because we love working with our clients.

Medical, Dental and Optical Construction Results

From the design process to the completion of construction, our team works with every new owner on a step-by-step basis. Here are some of the projects we’ve completed in these three industries:

Medical: KarisMed

KarisMed is a beautiful medical office in Katy with an owner, Dr. Vera Oyabure, who embraced the use if bright and soft colors, along with amazing natural light. The entrance and lobby to her practice exemplifies this.

medical clinic karismed 1 120

But it isn’t just the patients who need a bright and warm surrounding. Employees need this as well, which is why we designed and constructed every aspect of the office to match the opening experience of the office. This includes the workspaces and meeting spaces. Even the bathroom has a warm, modern, and graceful touch to it.

medical clinic karismed 21 140

medical clinic karismed 12 131

medical clinic karismed 8 127

medical clinic karismed 18 137

Dental: Studio Dental

Studio Dental is a hypermodern dentist office in Richmond. With sharp lines, modern lighting, wood highlights, and black and white as the main colors, our designers and builders had a great time putting this dental office together. Once again, the immediate experience is very important to customers and employees alike. The entrance really grabs your attention.

studio dental lobby

To really capture the vibe of an office or a facility, it is the little things that really count, like the lighting, the doors, and the flooring.

studio dental lighting

studio dental room

studio dental hallway

Optical: Heights Eye Care

Ladies and gentleman, once again – entrance, entrance, entrance. It really is very important. You want everyone who comes into your facility to feel welcome and at home. Keeping the environment bright and cozy is a sure way to accomplish that goal.

heights eye care 36 118

For the Heights Eye Care office, we extended that visual throughout the entire office. Even the concrete flooring has a soft side to it. And open ceiling makes a spacious area feel even more spacious. We were also able to place the eye frame cases in areas that were easy to reach, but not in the way.

heights eye care 32 114

heights eye care 34 116

Choose HM General Contractors for Your Next Facility

Whether you are in the medical, dental, or optical industry, our designers and builders have years of experience working with professionals just like yourself. We work to bring your vision to life, and we walk through the entire project with you.

If you are looking for a great partnership for your next buildout, consider HM. We’d love to discuss your vision and how we can bring it to fruition.