Design and Build Your Next Facility with Brighter Colors

It seems that doctors of every ilk have been leaning toward the ideal facility. One that is bright and inviting.

Since 2001, our construction company has been working hand-in-hand with some of the best physicians in the Greater Houston area. We have continued to notice that more and more clients are gravitating to more natural light (large windows) and brighter color shades that will make patients feel at home.

Patients are often at a medical office because they must be, whether due to an emergency or a scheduled appointment. It is important to design and build a facility that will create a comforting environment for them.

Using Natural Light

Letting sunlight into an office building not only helps beautify the space, but it also can make everyone feel better. Of course, it won’t eliminate cavities or glaucoma, but sunlight is known to help bring down blood pressure, which can help in any medical type of practice. More importantly, sunlight could help your employees feel better about coming to work, as well as patients coming in for their appointment. Here are a few of the facilities we’ve built where natural sunlight has been heavily utilized:

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Bright Colors in Design

In our design center, we house countless color options that refer to flooring, paint, fixtures, and more. Our designers help guide our clients to the right decisions for their practice. Since we live in a very warm climate, cool colors are often chosen to help provide a sense of relief from the heat, even if it’s just visual. Here are some facilities we’ve designed and built that have focused on cooler colors to create a very inviting experience and sense of cool:

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Consider the Light and Colors in Your Facility

After Sir Isaac Newton discovered the effect of pure light through a prism, we’ve been playing with the effects of phenomena. And we have found that it has a powerful effect on people and it can have a powerful effect on how your practice is perceived. Our design and build team is here to help you maneuver through the entire design phase, whether you are renovating or planning to construct a practice from the ground up. Choosing the right colors for your facility, whether medical, dental, or optical, is a major step toward creating an inviting practice.

Considering building your next facility? Contact us today. We would love the opportunity to work with you.