Design Is What Makes Your Facility Memorable

We can’t think of any business owner who wants an office that doesn’t make a good impression. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless offices in the medical, dental, optical, and veterinary communities that do not have offices that are quite bland. At HM General Contractors, we take pride in creating beautiful and memorable work spaces for our clients.

We serve the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas. We have been building incredible facilities for the past 20 years.

Our entire process enables our clients to move from the ground up with our designers. We sit with each client to discuss their vision for their practice. We then go through the design process. Our designers work hand-in-hand with each client to ensure they are getting what they want, but are also guided to ensure that what they want will be visually appealing. We guide clients through color selection, fixture selection, flooring, lighting, and, of course, the design of the entire build.

Choose the Lighting That Shines

When it comes to lighting, we love testing out various looks to find the right one. Getting the right look and brightness is very important for any office space. Lighting isn’t just about being able to see; it’s also about the visual. Here are a few examples of the lighting fixtures we’ve used with clients:

Choose the Flooring That’s Solid

Picking the right flooring is essential. Our designers are able to show clients how certain flooring selections will fit in their facility. From wood flooring to stone flooring, we have countless options. Check out some of the flooring examples we have installed in the facilities of past clients:

Choose the Design Team That’s Perfect for You

We love working with clients. We love the challenge of new designs and new builds. From ground up projects to new additions to existing facilities, we embrace the opportunity to create beautiful practices for all of our clients. If you are considering a new facility or an add-on to your existing facility, then consider HM General Contractors. We look forward to working with you.