Ending the Year with Great Construction Projects

Just because the year is coming to close, that doesn’t mean our work slows down. Our teams in Houston, San Antonio and Austin are going full speed ahead toward the end of the year and into 2022. Our new construction projects are simply proof of that.

We have begun several new projects that we are very excited about. One includes a 12,000-square-foot project in Santa Fe, Texas that will be a multi-business complex. The primary focus of the location will be a pharmacy, along with a cafe. The theme of the location is western theme. The name of the business will be Lone Star Pharmacy and Cafe.

You may remember reading about this project at the beginning of the year. You can read all about the project here.

We have now broken ground and have started working to completing this project. Watch our latest video of the project. It’s pretty awesome.

We have also launched another project in Baytown, Texas. This project is for Baytown Rheumatology, a 5,000-square-foot facility. In fact it is right next to another project we completed in 2020 called Baytown Dermatology (pictured below).

No Slow. All Go.

At HM General Contractors, we are working hard and diligently to take care of all of our clients’ needs. Our team continues to grow and expand, and we continue to keep all of our clients satisfied.

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