EO and HM Help Chinatown Businesses

If you follow us on Facebook, then you most likely saw a post encouraging people to head to Chinatown. There was a big reason for that. Houston has a very large Chinatown. It is a major part of the multiculturalism of this great city, but its businesses have been under a very heavy strain.

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak in China, a rumor spread that it was in Chinatown. This was a false rumor, but it had harmful effects nonetheless, creating layoffs and even causing some businesses to close. Local businesses in the district began to suffer economically because of the lack of customers who were fearful to venture to the well-known area. HM General Contractors decided to be an encouragement to those businesses, but also to those who were fearful. We posted in response to the false narrative for people to bring their business to Chinatown.

Mike Newhouse, owner of HM General Contractors, was not alone in his concern about the historic area. Entrepreneurs’ Organization, known as EO, garnered support in the community through a grassroots campaign to get local business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyday people to help the major Asian community. EO responded to the news that Chinatown businesses were struggling financially because of coronavirus fears.

It began with a message in the EO Houston group, of which Mike Newhouse is one of 178 members. The initial message stated:

“Fellow eo’rs. Chinatown had a fake scare of Coronavirus and the impact is hitting businesses hard. We all know what it can do to our bottom line if our sales dropped to nothing for a few weeks. Please consider patronizing these businesses.”

From there the word spread and the local EO group pushed to help the Houston businesses. Restaurant recommendations were made, Google Docs were created itemizing places to go, even business owners were incentivizing their employees to patronize Chinatown. On Feb. 19, the EO Houston chapter conducted a “dine around” in Chinatown to physically show their support. There were also countless media outlets spreading the word to support Chinatown in this effort, including CW39, FOX26, the Houston Chronicle, Houston Public Media, KHOU 11, and Channel 2 KPRC.


Close up chinatown business lunch

EO group dinnerKHOU Chinatownempty chinatown business dinner

It was great to be part of the push to help such an important part of our great city. From all of us at HM General Contractors, thank you to all who got involved in helping local business owners deal with a very trying situation.