Flying High: Awesome Drone Perspectives of HM Projects

When it comes to design and build, HM General Contractors always comes at the project from various perspectives. We dig in from the ground to give our clients a detailed view of what they are getting. We also come at the projects from the 30,000 foot view. OK. Maybe not that high, but definitely from the air.

With some of our recent projects, we taken some very cool drone footage. They not only show the project from an angle most people don’t get to see, but it also allows us to capture the stages of the build.

Check out some of our projects that we’ve shot drone footage of. Also, turn up the sound to listen to the awesome music that goes with each one. You’ll love it!

Beehive Homes of Cypress

From groundbreaking to woodframe to completion, the Beehive Homes of Cypress came out spectacularly. The clients loved it so much, we are planning to build many of their senior living facilities.

Sealy Oaks Apartments

Right down I-10 West lies Sealy, Texas. We got the opportunity to build a large 22,000-square-foot apartment complex in a small town. This complex will house 22 apartment units and the footage came out very well. Check it out!

Family First Pediatrics

This is the second project that we have built for Family First Pediatrics in Spring, Texas. This 8,691-square-foot pediatrics center is now complete. Watch the process from start to finish.

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