HM Completes Massive Sanitas Katy Location in 10 ½ Weeks

On Thursday, Oct. 10, Sanitas hosted its grand opening in Katy. The new 16,000-square-foot location is part of an ongoing multi-national breakthrough in healthcare services. The Keralty Company has combined its efforts stateside with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide accessible healthcare across all socio-economic demographics. Although the breakthrough has been in the planning, the task came in the building.

ribbon cutting

HM General Contractors was brought in with a tight deadline of 10 ½ weeks to complete the 16,000-square-foot project. We worked day and night to get this project completed in the allotted amount of time, and our team did not disappoint. We were able to construct a stunning medical facility, which is planned to be one of 10 in Texas.

A Huge Gathering for a Massive Practice

Sanitas began in 1980 in Colombia as an insurance company that provided innovative health products to the private and public sectors of that country. They began building facilities in the following decade, and expanded into other Latin American countries, like Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and Mexico. In 2014, the company launched their work in the US, starting in Florida. There are currently 22 locations in Florida, and 12 on the way.


Sanitas coming to Texas is a big deal and it was an honor that we were chosen to take on this project and help advance the push for more accessible healthcare to all demographics. There was a large gathering of people to commemorate the grand opening, including NBA-legend Clyde Drexler, former Houston Texan Cecil Shorts, and many others.

Those who came to see the new facility were really wowed by our design and construction. Now you can take a quick tour of what all we accomplished.


bcbs area

room cool

glass office


Helping Build for a Healthier Future

Everyone who knows us at HM knows that we focus on medical, dental and optical facilities. Our goal is to provide the best design and build construction for those new practices, and at an affordable price. We work with every client to ensure they get the most out of what they are purchasing. We understand the importance of having high quality health facilities in every area, and our goal is to build the best available.