Trends in Medical Construction Across Houston and the United States

Medical construction is a booming industry right now. With more and more of the baby boomer generation entering into the 65+ age group, the demand for medical facilities continues to grow. Texas is one of the biggest states for medical growth right now, with nearly $16 billion in new construction in 2017 alone. As a leader in medical construction here in Houston, we all at HM General Contractors like to stay up to date on the lastest design and construction trends in the field. We are able to pass on this knowledge to you for your next construction or renovation project, and guide you through how what's trending in medical can work for you.


Across the board, one of the biggest new trends in medical construction is the micro hospital. Meant to bring hospitals closer to everyone, micro hospitals allow construction in urban areas that may not have the land space for a massive hospital build. These micro hospitals have many of the same services as traditional hospitals, reimagined spaces and more efficient use of the square footage.

Micro hospitals are less expensive to build and go up much quicker than their traditional counterparts, making them a great choice for heavily populated urban areas- we know Houston has quite a few of those. Continuing to make healthcare convenient and accessible for the masses, from rural to urban, is a trend we here at HM General Contractors don’t see dying out any time soon. If you are interested in learning more about designing your micro hospital with our team, reach out today.


While we love to start from the ground up, creating new medical facilities across the greater Houston area, it is not all we do. If you are looking for a full scale renovation of your existing medical facility, you are not alone. Major renovations of medical space to be more efficient and keep up with demand is another trend in medical construction this year. Whether you are looking to reorganize the structure of your building, modernize your aging design, or make your spaces more flexible, you are not alone. Designing space for multi-functionality is becoming a major part of keeping up with the industry. With demand for care increasing, demand for space increases as well.

Renovating your existing medical facility for multiple functions can be great for helping keep up with patient flow without expanding your existing space. If you want to expand your existing space though, we can do that too. We all like to comfortable- especially when we’re sick. Medical builds are now beginning to reflect that desire in their new builds and renovations, taking some notes out of the hospitality industry’s book. For those interested in medical construction that incorporates both inpatient and outpatient aspects, this is a major piece to consider. Many hospitals and inpatient facilities are moving away from the traditional care rooms, towards more of a modern hotel-type design. With our skills in design, HM General Contractors are happy to help you design the perfect inpatient facility to make your patients comfortable in your care.


No matter how trendy or traditional you want to make your build, HM General Contractors are leaders in Houston’s medical construction industry. If you are looking for help creating the facility you have always hoped for, or upgrading your existing facility, give us a call. We are excited to work with you to grow Houston’s medical industry.