The Importance of Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarms, and Sprinkler Systems

When you’re thinking of your new medical facility, you’re probably thinking about the design elements, how quick it will be completed, and what it will feel like to have your own business facility. While you’re thinking about the beautiful parts of the new construction, there are some elements that are a must that you probably aren’t thinking about.

Emergency lighting, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems aren’t the aesthetic pieces of design you’ll get amped up about, but they are required for your building. Since these portions of the build are required, our designers consider their placement so they don’t look out of place. This is just one of the many reasons why choosing HM General Contractors for your designer and builder is a winning combination.


emergency lightings

Emergency lighting is a necessity for times of (you guessed it) emergency. This lighting is placed in various areas of the facility that will help lead people to where the exits are located. Although functionality and comfort will be at the top of your list, and are always on the top of our list, there is another item that stays top of mind: safety. One way people feel comfortable is when they know they are in a safe environment. You need a team that designs with functionality, comfort and safety in mind.


No one really likes having a red square on their wall. That is, until they have to use it. Fire alarms have saved a lot of lives and have helped save facilities from further damage when a fire breaks out. Our team makes certain that these lifesavers are strategically placed in your facility. Considering the major upsides of having fire alarms may help you think of them as complementary items of the design.


If a fire were to break out, a sprinkler system that is arrayed throughout the facility can save your building. Yes, there would be water damage, but that is an acceptable substitute for possibly the complete destruction of an entire facility.


At HM General Contractors, we build all of our clients’ facilities in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with safety in mind. Our goal with every project is for our client to fall in love with their building and to feel completely safe inside it. If you are considering a new facility for your business, then call our construction company located in Houston. We look forward to helping you build the business of your dreams.