It Has Been Hard Work That Has Built America

Today we celebrate the men and women who work in the various industries across this great country. It truly is the hard workers who have built up this country and kept her strong and moving in the right direction.

As we look over the 244-year history of America, we must acknowledge the Scotsman, Adam Smith, whose book The Wealth of Nations, arrived the same year as our Declaration of Independence. The free market enterprise and the invisible hand were made manifest for everyone to understand fully.

From the farmer and the steel worker to plumber and the electrician, we’ve learned that we all work for each other and ourselves. The benefits are always mutual. At HM General Contractors, we say thank you to all of our design and build staff members, to all of our people in the field, and all of our clients, who work tirelessly to perfect their craft.

We are always in the pursuit of excellence with every client. As 20 years of hard work and dedication, we have learned how to communicate with each other and clients at an optimal level, design more beautifully, build more efficiently, and leave our clients with a complete sense of satisfaction.

We love our work and our history shows it. Just as America has never stopped becoming a better place for all - including workers - we have never stopped becoming a better construction company. As we continue to build up Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and soon the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we will always continue to build ourselves into the best company possible.

Thank you again, Americans, for all your hard work and dedication to make this great experiment called America work. We hope that you had an amazing and relaxing Labor Day. You’ve earned it!