Get to Know Your Houston Construction Design and Build Team

At HM General Contractors, we are always adamant about getting to know our clients and making certain that our clients know us. This is why we take our new construction clients through the design process.

As a Houston design and build team, we sit with every client to go over every aspect of their project’s design. Not only do we go over the design of the project, but we also meet to display our design team. You should be well-informed of our capabilities, our portfolio, and how we work with every client.


Whether it is a medical, dental, optometry or veterinary clinic or facility, we take the time to meet with the client, build trust, and go over all of their needs and wishes for their upcoming project. As a team, we meet in our conference room with the client to begin the design phase. This is where our expertise, creativity, and years of working with clients come into play. We understand that every client is different, and therefore has different ideas and wishes for their facility.

We also take every client through our design room and design center. This is where clients get to meet the architects and designers in charge of creating the project. They are in charge of the blueprint phase, which is pivotal to ensuring the construction build meets the requirements of the client as well as meets codes.

Once the design aspect of the medical build is approved, HM General Contractors begins the foundational and construction process. We keep clients abreast of the building process. There are never surprises for our clients. We believe that every project we handle is a collaboration between us and the client. This is how ensure that we establish and keep the trust of every client.


If you are planning a new construction project for a medical, dental, optometry or veterinary clinic or facility, contact HM General Contractors today. We look forward to building your next project and making your business come to life.