Lobbies: Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome

For any facility – medical, dental, optometry, or veterinary – your entrance or lobby needs to be inviting and bright. It needs to encapsulate how your business is run. It should reflect your employee environment: warm and welcoming.

Your lobby is a huge part of your building. It is where your customers will probably spend most of their time. When it comes to designing the entrance area of your business, HM General Contractors has a team of designers ready to sit, discuss, and help you design your facility from front to back and bottom to top.

What to Look for in Lobby Designs

There are a couple of items to consider when designing your facility’s entrance. Lighting and ambience play a huge role.

To provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, use natural sunlight as much as possible. If your facility offers this opportunity, take it. Big windows will not only lighten the room, but can also lighten the mood.

We love the sun, even in Texas where it is blazing hot. We love to look outside, even when it is overcast. There is something about the outdoors that gives us a comfort, and comfort is something every patient or customer wants to feel.

Check out how we utilized natural light for some of these entrances:

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Play with the natural light by utilizing vibrant and light colors. Steer clear of harsh colors that can come across overbearing. It is interesting that even if you have big windows that let plenty of sunlight in, your color scheme can almost nullify that warmth. Often, the color scheme of your interior plays off of your business logo, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Especially if your logo has dark colors or has a harsh and intimidating design.

Check out how we utilized light and vibrant colors to capitalize on the natural lighting:

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When Designing, Choose Wisely. Choose HM.

When it comes to the medical industries, light and vibrant is the path you want to take. The designers at HM General Contractors in Houston are here to help you design the facility you’ve always wanted. Our team serves the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas. We look forward to helping you create a facility that provides your customers with a wonderful and welcoming experience.