Make Your Houston Dental Clinic Different Than the Others

There are thousands of dental clinics in the Greater Houston area. You want yours to stand out for all the right reasons. At HM General Contractors, our goal is to design and build your dental office and provide it with the edge it needs to compete in a very competitive market.

As a dentist, you know what you want and what you need. As designers and builders in the Houston construction industry, we are able to bring those visions to life. With that in mind, we have also seen countless dental clinics in and around the State of Texas, and we have also designed and constructed many of these. Our insight into the industry can help hone in your vision to ensure you get precisely what you want and need in your new dentistry facility.


Typically, our dental clients aim toward a theme for their clinic. This can be specific to the type of dentistry they specialize in, like pediatrics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, or family dentistry. It can also be toward the location of the area, like Sugarland, Memorial, The Woodlands, or down south closer to the Galveston area. This can all affect the color, structure, and feel of the entire dentist office.

This part of the construction project, we thoroughly enjoy. This is all part of the design process. We love sitting down with our clients and designing the interior and exterior of the upcoming construction project. This is an absolute relationship, where we work hand-in-hand to make certain our blueprints match the ideas and vision of the client. Throughout this process, we also ensure that the entire office is up to code on every aspect of the build—from the lobby down to the dental chairs. This is incredibly important, and is one of the primary reasons you should always choose a construction firm that is experienced in building in your industry, much like ours.


If you are planning a new dental construction project, then contact HM General Contractors today and schedule a time for one of our designers to meet with you. We have successfully built countless dental, medical, optometry, and veterinarian clinics all over the state, and we look forward to designing and building yours.