Make Your New Houston Dental Clinic Stand Out

There are countless dental clinics in and around the Greater Houston area. From storefronts to stand alones, dental clinics often seem similar. At HM General Contractors, our design and construction team wants to make certain that your dental office - whether a storefront or a stand alone - looks different, and in a good way. You know what it takes to be a great dentist. We know what it takes to build a great dental clinic. Our design team sits with every one of our new clients and discusses the wishes, the necessities, and the capabilities behind building a new clinic. From there, we begin the design phase, which includes producing the blueprints of the construction.

The Design Phase of the Dental Construction Process

The design phase of the construction process allows the dental client to view what the dental clinic will look like before it is built. From specific measurements and desk locations to the amount of dental chairs and air vent locations, this hyper-detailed blueprint will ensure the client knows what to expect from their upcoming project.

Taking Care of the Building Process

Once the design of the dental clinic is agreed upon, the foundation is laid and the building process begins. Our turnaround time is quick because we understand how important it is for a dentist and their team to start working. Every build receives a thorough inspection from our team and the client. We are adamant about meeting every requirement placed upon our construction company by the city and state. We make certain not to leave anything out that could require more construction. That’s why we build it right the first time.

Pick HM General Contractors to Build Your Dental Clinic

If you’re planning a new dental clinic buildout, then do not hesitate to contact our general contractor team to make it happen. Our reputation for excellent work and customer service is unparalleled and we work hard to make certain every client is satisfied. We look forward to hearing from you to build your new office.