Choose HM General Contractors to construct your fashionable optometry clinic in Houston.

Planning a New Optometry Clinic? Bring Your Vision to Life with HM

Optometry and fashion just seem to go together. At HM General Contractors, we know that a new optometry center needs to look good. When it comes to optometry clinics, it’s all about the visual.

Our design center enables new optometry business owners to pinpoint specific things that they want in order to make their vision center look better than the competition. Every client of HM sits with one of our experienced and highly skilled designers to discover all the possibilities of having their optometry clinic built by us.

Color arrangements, architecture, accessibility, character, target audience — all of these aspects go into the planning phase. Making the right choice about each can greatly impact your business. Making the wrong choice can do the same. This is why one of our requirements is that every client meets with one of our project designers to make certain that the designer, the client, and the builder will be on the same page moving forward.


Eyewear has become a major part of American life. From sunglasses to contact lenses, most vision patients don’t simply want to see well; they want to look good. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they have also become a place for someone to display their fashion sense. Given that, our designers and builders understand that fashion plays a big role in the build of a vision clinic.

Houston is a fashionable city. Making certain your optometry office fits that feel is important. Our goal is to make sure your Houston optometrist center stands out for all the right reasons.


If you are planning to start your optometry business, then contact HM General Contractors to help you with the construction phase. Our experience level and skilled builders and designers will make the entire process from foundation to completion seamless.