An Ongoing Look at 20 Years of Business

This 2020 we have been subtly celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary, which takes place next year. Part of that has been going back through our digital archives of past projects and highlighting them. It has been fun to revisit all the designs and builds we’ve conducted over the years.

Our Houston-based design and build company has continued to evolve through innovation in everything we do. And we do mean everything.

We have innovated in the way we communicate internally so that all of our projects are conducted seamlessly. We have continued to pursue the highest level of customer service in order to keep every client informed of the stages their project is in. Throughout the past two decades, we have continuously sought after the best technology and researched the best methods to increase our efficiency, and also to build the best designs and complete the finest structures possible.

A Look Through the Past

Taking a glimpse into our past builds gives us a sense of pride in the work we’ve done. But what makes us even more proud is that our previous clients continue to come back to us for future projects. The success of our previous designs and builds have resulted in new designs and builds for the same client. It is truly an honor to know that our clients not only loved the final product, but also enjoyed their time working with us.

Take for instance, Dr. Laura Koehler, the owner of Signature Eye Center in League City. We built her first practice years ago, and this past year, we built her new practice, which now dwarfs her former clinic. We are so proud to have been chosen to work with her and to see how her business has flourished.

Out in Pearland, we have been working with another repeat client, Dr. Dipak Kalani. His new Vision Source optometry practice will be completed soon. Through our extensive work together, Dr. Kalani has become more than just a client, but a friend of HM’s. That is one of the primary goals we aim toward with every project. We are always looking to obtain a trusting relationship with each client.

Dr. Beth Robinson is a new client who came to us with a plan to launch her own optometry center in Friendswood. Our design team worked with her to nail down specifically what she was envisioning (pun intended).

From there, we have begun construction and will be completing the project soon.

Choose Houston’s Trusted Brand in the Design and Build Industry

If you are planning to begin a new project for your medical-related practice, whether optometry, dentistry, or medicine, then contact us. Our design team would love to meet you and discuss all that our entire team can do to help you achieve your dream. We have been helping business owners in the Houston area, as well as San Antonio and Austin, going on 20 years, and we can get you where you want to be. And if you ever need to know how well we work with clients, you can always reach out to our past clients and they’ll tell you.