The Sleek Design & Homey Trends in Dental Practices

More and more often, you are noticing modern designs in dental offices. The idea behind these sleek designs in places where you get your teeth cleaned, straightened, or, God-forbid, pulled, is to create an environment that feels like home, or at least a home they wished they lived in.

Speaking of feeling at home, dental offices don’t always have to have the contemporary feel of sleek design. We’ll discuss that based on two projects we recently completed.

First: The Sleek Modern Feel

We recently completed a dental practice in Richmond. Studio Dental of River Park is one of the sleekest and most modern design dental offices you’ll see. Everything about Studio Dental of River Park was built around a black-tie-affair feel, much like its straightforward and classy logo – black, white, with elegant distinct font.

We were able to match that feel with straight lines in our designs, open concepts in the lobby and hallway, and the primary colors of black and white, with highlights of grays and greenery. View these photos to see how we were able to accomplish this design goal.

studio dental lobby

studio dental lighting

studio dental hallway

studio dental room

Second: Right at Home

Stepping away from the formal and modern feel is the Asiri Family Dentistry office we recently completed. The design goal was to give a homey feel for patients.

With its shades of brown, brick walls, wood flooring, and leather furniture, we were able to accomplish our goal of designing for soft tones and an inviting atmosphere. Check out these photos to see how everything came together from top to bottom.

asiri dental lobby couch optimized

asiri dental hallway 2 optimized

asiri dental hallway 1 optimized

Sleek? Modern? Homey? Warm? HM Can Do It

When it comes to design and build for your dental facility, whatever you’re thinking, HM can make it happen. Our design team sits down with every client and engages in full discussions to grasp the vision and create a plan of execution. We walk every client through the design possibilities, and also advise on what should and shouldn’t be done with a practice.

Regardless of what type of design you want for your office, our team is here to make your vision become a reality. If you’re planning to launch a new dental office, contact our office today.