What Makes a Great Optometry Center?

With any facility, the obvious thing you must have is a solid foundation. But honestly, that really goes without saying. The next thing you need to focus on is design. Facilities, especially of the medical type, have begun to become more customer/patient-friendly. In other words, they look and feel more inviting with vibrant colors, comfortable and modern furniture, as well as design elements, like shelves, desks, and wall mounts.

When it comes to delivering a great looking optometry center (no pun intended), HM General Contractors has all the experience and design elements to make it happen. Here is a quick example of how we made all the elements of a vision center in Richmond, TX come together quickly and beautifully:


Whenever you walk into any place, it should have a nice warm feel to it. We know we accomplished this at Frame & Focus Eye Care in Richmond.

The colors selected by Dr. Chu and Dr. Zaver provided the ability to mesh the colors of the floor, ceiling, and stone into the main colors of the office. Here are some shots showing that collaboration:

With the light colored stone at the front desk and the light blues, the chairs were able to settle nicely into the frame (also no pun intended). With so many light and warm colors, the dark wood-colored floor was able to pop beautifully.

lobby wide optometry center frame focus design

Too often, the ceiling is left to just the simple white squares. We decided to do something a little more elaborate and it gave the whole room an even more modern and dynamic feel.

ceiling optometry center frame focus design


When it comes to showing off all those different frames for glasses, there needs to be a spot dedicated just for that, but in a stylish way. But why should that be stylish for an optometry center? Because eyewear have now become a large part of fashion itself. Check what we were able to accomplish when it comes to displaying eye frames:

Displays come in all shapes and sizes. Before we commit to something, our design process ensures that it will work with your space. That's exactly what we did with Frame & Focus. It worked beautifully.

frames glasses wall optometry center frame focus design

wall glasses optometry center frame focus design

Make Your Vision Center Look Awesome

If you are planning a new or upgraded vision center, then contact HM General Contractors and let us help you put together your optometry center. We will walk you through the design phase, working hand-in-hand with you to make sure you get exactly what you envision. From there, we will build out your eye care facility in a timely and efficient manner. HM General Contractors works with medical businesses, including dental and even veterinarians, in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas.