What to Consider When Building Your Houston Veterinary Clinic

More and more, people are reporting that their furry friends are truly a part of the family. Pet owners are looking for a level of care that nears or equals that of visiting a traditional doctors office when looking for care options for their pet. How does the design and construction of your new vet clinic fit into that? As veterinary clinic construction experts, HM General Contractors are the best at helping you design a functional space that exceeds the expectations of the modern pet owner.


When you think of your new space, you probably have state of the art surgical rooms, comfortable exam rooms, and flexible office space in mind. What about your waiting area? Although none of the most important parts of your practice are performed here, it is the first thing all your first time visitors will see. You want to make an impression, and make your pet owners feel comfortable. One of the major trends in veterinary practices is the redesign of the lobby space. A clean, comfortable space with natural lighting and the needs of your pet owners and their furry friends in mind will help set the tone for the rest of their appointment. Modern pet owners are more likely to make decisions on their veterinary services based on office appearances than ever before. With the HM General Contractors design team behind you, you will be able to work with us in creating a waiting space that reflects your practice in the best way possible.


The flexibility of your space is another thing to consider. With the ever-expanding world of veterinary technology, you need a space that will keep up with the way your team works. The way you want your space to flow, how flexible you want your rooms to be, and the ways you hope to use each room are major components to creating your final design. You will work with our team to make sure you are able to get the most out of your facility, with the perfect amount of flexibility for your individual practice. Everything HM General Contractors does is tailored especially to your wants and needs. We pride ourselves on creating unique spaces that show everyone who walks in the door, on two legs or four, what your team is all about.


If you are hoping to create your dream veterinary facility, or upgrade your current practice to the one you have always wanted, give us a call today. As Houston’s experts in veterinary construction, we want to help you design and execute the perfect space, where pet owners and pets alike will look forward to walking in the door year after year.