EO and HM Help Chinatown Businesses

If you follow us on Facebook, then you most likely saw a post encouraging people to head to Chinatown. There was a big reason for that. Houston has a very large Chinatown. It is a major part of the multiculturalism of this great city, but its businesses have been under a very heavy strain.

Design and Build Your Next Facility with Brighter Colors

It seems that doctors of every ilk have been leaning toward the ideal facility. One that is bright and inviting.

Jon Morano: HM’s New VP of Construction Services 

It is with great pleasure we announce that Jon Morano is now our new Vice President of Construction Services. Jon has more than 25 years of experience in construction management and has been a major asset for our team since joining in September of 2017.

The Importance of Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarms, and Sprinkler Systems

When you’re thinking of your new medical facility, you’re probably thinking about the design elements, how quick it will be completed, and what it will feel like to have your own business facility. While you’re thinking about the beautiful parts of the new construction, there are some elements that are a must that you probably aren’t thinking about.

2019: A Big Year to Remember for HM

Undoubtedly, 2019 was a landmark year for our company. We set lofty goals for ourselves, and we not only met them, but we surpassed them.


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