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Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Dental Construction

When you look for a contractor to do your next dental build, you have to consider a variety of different things. Making sure whoever you choose is up to date on local codes, knows the area, and can give you a beautiful custom design, are all important factors to consider. Instead of trying to find someone who only fulfills a few of your requirements, choose a team that can do it all and more. HM General Contractors is that team. We are local, and understand the geographic needs of your build as well as all the local codes and regulations. We have an incredible design team, that can make all your custom dreams come true. There is no longer any need to compromise between the two.


Being a local company means we are always up to date on the best practices, codes, and regulations. We know the Greater Houston area, and are able to stay on top of any changes in codes as they occur. Having built many different dental offices throughout Houston, we are familiar with what it takes to create beautiful spaces that are a balance of function and fashion. Your dental office will be a reflection of your practice, the way it should be.


If you have been considering a new dental build, or even a major remodel of your existing space, give us a call today. Our team will be able to walk you through the design and construction process, and give some insight on how we make our clients dreams come to life. No matter how big or small your project, Trust HM General Contractors for your next dental construction project. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect space for your dental practice.

Pediatric Dental Construction Design

Pediatric Dental Construction With HM General Contractors

Every dental office we build is different, that’s the way it should be. Customizing the way you would like your space to look is key in giving off the right impression from the moment your patients step in your doors. You know that each practice has its own unique needs that should be considered during the design phase. If you are a pediatric dentist, you don’t want your dental construction project to look the same as a practice that focuses only on adult cosmetic dentistry. Choose HM General Contractors for your practice, and guarantee an office that makes the right impression.

Houston veterinary design build construction

What to Consider When Building Your Houston Veterinary Clinic

More and more, people are reporting that their furry friends are truly a part of the family. Pet owners are looking for a level of care that nears or equals that of visiting a traditional doctors office when looking for care options for their pet. How does the design and construction of your new vet clinic fit into that? As veterinary clinic construction experts, HM General Contractors are the best at helping you design a functional space that exceeds the expectations of the modern pet owner.

Houston Design and Construction Team

Houston Design and Construction With HM General Contractors

Each design project we work on at HM General Contractors is distinctly different. However, they all have one thing in common. Our knowledge of the specifications needed to create beautiful and functional spaces for dental, optometry, medical, and veterinary buildings is unmatched in the Houston area. This makes us the top choice for both design and construction on your next project. When you choose HM General Contractors for your Houston design and construction team, you guarantee a space that meets all your needs, and will be complete in a timely manner.

Houston trends in medical construction design and renovation

Trends in Medical Construction Across Houston and the United States

Medical construction is a booming industry right now. With more and more of the baby boomer generation entering into the 65+ age group, the demand for medical facilities continues to grow. Texas is one of the biggest states for medical growth right now, with nearly $16 billion in new construction in 2017 alone. As a leader in medical construction here in Houston, we all at HM General Contractors like to stay up to date on the lastest design and construction trends in the field. We are able to pass on this knowledge to you for your next construction or renovation project, and guide you through how what's trending in medical can work for you.


HM General Contractors specializes in construction and design. Our team of professional builders and designers can construct your practice, office, or building from the ground up, even from the blueprint stage.


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