Design Process

You seek an office tailored to your wants and needs; your visit with us should be too. When you walk into our Houston office, you’ll feel like you’re walking into the beginnings of your new practice. We’ll have your chosen floor plans, finishes, and just about everything you’ve picked out for your office proudly on display as a reminder that you’re just one step closer to your very own facility.

Touring the HM Office

Once you have arrived, we will take you on a brief tour of our own office just to show you the various ways our designers and builders are able to beautifully construct even the simplest of rooms, like kitchens, break rooms, and bathrooms.

Meeting Your Design Team

During your tour of our office, we will introduce you to the owner of HM General Contractors, as well as other members of our team. At HM General Contractors, we work as a team to bring your dream office to life—and we want you to meet the people who make it happen. Lastly, we will meet in our conference room, where we will discuss everything in detail regarding your new practice, in addition to any changes or added plans you have for your office. At HM General Contractors, we strive to provide the very best service to all of our clients. We love designing and constructing, and we work hard to ensure every client loves their finished project.

Design Room & Design Center

Last, we’ll walk you through our Design Room, where we review your current floor plans, designs, and office layouts, while you get to meet our designers who will be working on your project. Afterwards, we’ll take you through our Design Center, where we review and collaborate with you regarding décor, finishes, and other detailed aspects of your new office that you have chosen.


Schedule Your Construction or Design Project Today

If you are a medical, dental, optometry, or veterinary clinic owner, and are looking to pursue a new project, whether constructing from the ground up or for redesigning your existing workspace, then contact us today and schedule a free consultation